[simpits-chat] Move is this weekend!

Gene Buckle geneb at deltasoft.com
Tue Jan 24 17:46:48 PST 2006

First of all, I must apologize for all the bounced mail.  It seems that 
one of the blacklists I use to block spammers decided to block 
_everything_ that came in.  This has been fixed!

The T1 install date is this coming Monday the 30th.  The computer 
equipment is going to be moved to the new house this weekend and with 
any luck it'll a) survive the trip and b) work when I turn it all back 
on. :)

Until the T1 is up and running and I've wrested my ip block from those 
gibbering idiots at Telisphere, the sites that I run will be off the 
air.  Hopefully no more than a week at the worst.  The list is:


Thanks for your patience!


"I'm not crazy, I'm plausibly off-nominal!"

Proud owner of 80-0007
http://www.f15sim.com - The only one of its kind.

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