[simpits-chat] F-111 cockpit available...

Chris Woodul crewstation1 at charter.net
Sun Mar 6 22:26:50 PST 2005

Hi Gene,

I have everything that it needs to be complete. That means headrests,
cushions, instruments, scopes and Displays, includiing sticks, radiation
shields, and pop up glareshield covers. I also have spare edge lit panels,
spare ejection handles, over head handles, Seat raise and lower motors, all
vertical tape instruments, the EWOs hand control handles and boxes. I have
throttle quadrans for inboard and outboard stations.

Lemme know what you think too. Might work both ways.

Chris W

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A friend of mine has an F-111 cockpit available.  Here's a couple of pics:


If you're interested, email me at geneb at simpits.org and I'll put you in 
touch with the seller.




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