[simpits-chat] Slightly O/T: ordering a Plasma V2

Matt Bailey mattb at rtccom.net
Wed Oct 27 00:56:11 PDT 2004

Howdy fellows,

  I'm thinking real hard about getting a Plasma V2 from BetaInnovations,
but the guy's in Canada and I'm in the US. I was just wondering if any
fellow US simmers had purchased BetaInnovations stuff, and about how
much was customs, S&H, etc? If I get the assembled unit, the unit itself
will be around US$77 and I'm not even sure I want to spend that much on
this project right now, as it remains to be seen how successful my
hardware-making attempts will be. :)
  I could always get some cheapo USB joysticks and hack them, but the
Plasma looks like a lot better option, especially since it supports
numerous types of input devices for joystick axis, and rotary encoders.

	-Matt Bailey

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