[simpits-chat] Banished again

Sean Galbraith sean.g at paradise.net.nz
Thu Sep 18 21:49:07 PDT 2003

I find the whole on topic/off topic thing curious.... So far touch wood 
<ouch that hurt> all the topic drift that the list has suffered I have 
found interesting...  Kinda leads me to believe that in general we all like 
similar sorts of things...

That's what makes this group more like a big crazy family... and why I love 
it (even though I've been lurking for waaaay too long...)

On a a totally unrelated topic... got a whole bunch of brass sheet laser 
cut recently... man is that the easiest way to cut out things like 
instrument panels!  Shame that the brass was for some lamps we are making 
at work :(  (which <name dropping alert> are going into Peter Jacksons', of 
Lord of the Rings fame, house....)

I did the design in Corel Draw, emailed it to the Laser cutters, then 7 
days later I had the finished product.... Got me thinking about all those 
little cockpit projects........

Sean  <proud to be 'banished'>

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