[simpits-chat] Electrical diagram...

Roy Coates roy at flightlab.liv.ac.uk
Fri Nov 14 23:20:07 PST 2003

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Gene Buckle wrote:

> > Each side has a power distribution unit (PDU) which monitors the buses and
> > should one bus lose power, it will bridge this to another bus.
> >
> Hmmm.  Is the PDU a "standard" feature in most aircraft electrical
> systems?

I'm told it is, yes.

> > Basic pics are at: http://www.jetstream-club.org/scans/
> >
> > Look for elec1-800.gif and elec2-800.gif
> >
> I hate to be a pain, but I can't read them.  :(  The lettering is too
> small and it doesn't enlarge well.  Could you scan at a bit higher res?
> *ducks*

No problem. Use elec1.gif and elec2.gif

> > Now, what do you need to know about the breakers?
> >
> I need to see where they occur in the system.

I'll scan an example from the wiring manuals.


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