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Ben Jones bjones at pipecomp.com.au
Fri Nov 14 17:25:42 PST 2003


I have somewhere a circuit diag of a Victa airtourer aircraft or (CT4 mil
designation) if this helps


bjones at pipecomp.com.au

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From: "Gene Buckle" <geneb at deltasoft.com>
Subject: [simpits-chat] Electrical diagram...

> Roy, I'm working with Curt (flightgear) to complete the building blocks of
> the electrical subsystem.  Do you have a block diagram that you could scan
> that shows the various buses and circuit breakers in the J41?  Actually,
> any aircraft would do.  I'm trying to explain to him how a "real world"
> system works, and my F-15 docs don't show it.
> Thanks!
> g.

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