[simpits-chat] Ridiculous Purchase of the day

Roy Coates roy at flightlab.liv.ac.uk
Fri Nov 14 10:20:38 PST 2003

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Brian Sikkema wrote:

> So our school was having a surplus sale today, all sorts of crazy stuff. So I picked myself up a Sun SPARCStation IPC + keyboard + monitor for $17. :)
> It only had 480mb of hard drive space, though, and only a disk drive, so I got a couple of external hard drives off eBay, and I'm bidding on an external CDROM drive (it did have a SCSI port). I made a mistake with the hard drives, though... first off, I bid on the 200mb one before I checked the sellers other auctions and saw he had a 520mb drive (which is why I'm getting 2), and I also failed to notice he was in Canada, which means I'm paying almost $35 in shipping for $9 worth of stuff... ah well, live and learn, I guess. I also didn't realize how big these drives are (package is 40x45x45cm). So that didn't help.
> But still, I now have a working Sun box! :)

Hmm, I recently passed up a gaggle of IPX and Sparc 20 machines
essentially for free.

The problem is - having got one, what the hell are you gonna do with it!?

Gene had at least one use for his Vax-780 - it heated his house. My
uVax-II's ran too cool for that.


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