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Brian Sikkema hangr18 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 10:22:06 PST 2003

I just thought of another question about this schematic. Maybe it's another question for the old farts! ;)

Anyway, looking at http://www.rocket-roar.com/rap/altschem.jpg, on the top, after each of the 10uF 16V caps, it says "tant." What the heck is that? I've never seen it before.

Thanks again for the help,
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  Hehe. Ultimate irony, sometime down the road I'm planning on building a Tube Amp for my bass! :) And I'm working on repairing an old tube radio that my parents have. So I've got a little experience with the old buggers! :)

  Anyway, thanks for all the help with the altimeter stuff. I'm actually looking at switching it over to a Basic Stamp I rather than the 2 - largely because of cost. 2 is about $50, while 1 is about $34. The only main difference is the amount of memory, so if I did go with a 1 I would have to throw out the idea of doing any datalogging, but I don't really care about that so much. As for programming, I think I could manage that, we've got a simple way to tell if we've hit apogee with the accel data, then a preset timer from there, then *poof* out goes the ejection charge.

  I need to download some of the documentation, though, and start figureing some of this stuff out. Right now the main thing that is confusing me is the pinouts. The code says out12 for the led, but on the schematic it's connected to pin 17, and pin 4 shows up twice...unless I am completely mis-reading something, which I probably am. Anyway I'm starting to get really excited about this project, it looks like I'll be able to build exactly what I need for a lot cheaper than I could buy one. My one big problem now is finding some way to program the basic stamp - programming boards cost $$$. But hell, I go to a tech school, with a rather large EE department. I'm sure I can find SOMETHING to borrow! :)

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