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If you really want to know about what I believe contact me off list. I don't
wish to injure small animals or have children available as I knock down
sacred cows. The list could only take so much bovine excrement and the sheep
herders on the list would get offended easily. I for one don't care if you
are Jewish, Moslem, Christian, Wiccan or you just believe that by smearing
blue goo on your body on Saturday nights you will find your god. Good for
you, I would prefer to do something that at least seems like I am bettering
myself than attending a group of other like minded simpletons. Too lazy to
face the reality that 'god" like Santa Claus, Superman and the Easter Bunny
does not exist.

The Jews are the pinnacle of antisocial behaviorist. We will not associate
with those who do not believe the same as we do. The European Christians are
the ones who made war crimes a tradition. The Moslems found proselytizing
less efficient than killing and enslaving their enemies. Mormons will post
people at your door just to wear you down. Hindus believe in so many things
that it confuses me to ponder it all. Buddhists are not really practicing a
religion so much a philosophy. Shinto Buddhists worship their dead
ancestors. Zen Buddhists ponder things that annoy people. Wiccans are great
if you like chasing fat woman.

if I missed a sacred cow push it over for me will ya.

By the way here are the rules to be followed in any argument if you can not
follow them don't bother me.
Hell, I can't follow them, don't bother me. These are very good guidelines
for arguments, they don't work on wives/husbands and children so don't
bother trying them there.

Keep 'em Flying
Rob Hommel
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> On Saturday 08 March 2003 03:37, you wrote:
> > Matt
> >
> > Dr Laura is Jewish  does she still have to obey all of those nasty
> > laws. yuchhh...
> No.
> > BTW I am an atheist do I have to pay any attention to any of this? I
> > find humor in religion however, go on make me laugh.
> > Keep 'em Flying
> I never said you had to pay attention to any of this. :) I am curious as
> why you embrace atheism. Isn't it based on just the _lack_ of belief (in
> -Matt Bailey
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