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I just managed to get myself funded, so no bank robberies (sorry Jay, no 10%
for you!). It's nice to have friends in the real estate business, about the
only business making money about now ;) I'll have to pay him back, of
course, but it's nice to have the money here when I need it.

Oh, and Ido, I don't know if I can officially agree with you, considering
who signs my paychecks, but I thought I should mention the T-shirt my sister
brought back for me after her trip to Israel. It had a picture of an F-16 on
it, with the slogan:

"Israeli Air Force: World's Largest Supplier of MiG Parts!"

And I just can't argue with that ;)

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> PPL checkride, cool! But, what is "field training"? You doing more flying
> stuff right away?
> I just got my instrument rating today, yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> -Matt Bailey
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