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join your borther and sister officers in the greatest Air force in the

biggest yes , best ? i think some will disagree ( ducks huge flames)- sorry
had to do this : )

Ido ( Israel)

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Congratulations in advance!  Contrary to what Ben had to say, I found my
ROTC basic training to be very informative and a lot of fun.

Brian if things haven't changed too much in 30 years LOL you will be
welcomed to the world of an officer and treated as a future officer.  Yes,
there will be times of *BS* and harassment for the sake of harassment.
However, those times will make it something to talk about later.  Why would
you be proud of doing something that was a piece of cake?

You will probably be invited for dinner to a junior oficer's house.  As a
pilot cannidate, it will probably be a flight officer.  Over dinner and
after, he will answer many of the questions you may have on life as an Air
Force officer.

You will make new friends and bond in ways cilivians will never understand.
You will come out of it looking forward to the day you can finally pin your
gold bars (actually your mother will pin them on you) upon your uniform and
join your borther and sister officers in the greatest Air force in the

Best to you son,

Former Captain, USAF
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 your ppl will be a breeze!!!!

 ah ha  "FIELD TRAINING"  =
 1.a month of eating shit ration packs
 2. no showers
 3. only 2 changes of clothes
 4.a pack to hump on your back that usally ways 3/4 of your body weight
 5. no smoking at night
 6.no alcohol for a month ( that totally F** my body up)
 7.a anoying weapon that is even more colder at night than your missus
 8. a annoying weapon thaT JAMS at no notice .... like a woman
 9.a annoying weapon the needs cleaning 2 times a day ...
 10. 3 weeks of having a twat bark at you 24 hrs a day
 11. no sleep
 12. NO SEX  (whell it can be achieved but instructors with NINOX usally
 spoil the fun)
 13. one day of thinking "yeah this is cool" 30 days of thining" this is
 F***g shit "
 14. digging weapon pits for no reason the filling them up
 15. sandbagging  for no reason other that filling up time
 16. having a crap, then reaching for the flush button only to see your
 buddy beside you laughing really hard after you rember your not actually
 sitting on anything
 17. spending 1.5 weeks shooting stuff 24 hrs round the clock then your
 instructor saying "You prob wont fire a round in anger in your defence
 career ever"

 i aint gonna go on

 it fun when you look back on it but....... refer to points 13 and 6

 when you return and walk down your local city streets , you will see
 someone at 400m distance take in account of windage and elevation , shoit
 fall and the say to your mates "see that dude in the blue shirt and shorts
 i can drop him at this range" .............  i know i did

 hehe its a eye opener


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 Hey guys,

 Just thought I would warn all of the Usual Suspects. I will be going
 gradually insane, spanning the next two weeks until 3 PM June 23, at which
 point I will be stark raving mad.

 Why, you ask? Well, 3PM June 23 I will be taking my PPL checkride.
 Bloody-ass-early June 24 I will be getting on a plane and flying to
 luxurious Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota for a month of getting yelled at,
 AKA "Field Training." In between now and then I need to make sure I know
 everything I need to know and have everything I need to have for both, and
 somehow or another come up with the money for this damn flying business.
 Speaking of which, should you hear anything on the news about a string of
 daring bank robberies in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, it definitely
 isn't me. Just in case anyone asks.