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Hi Sean,

Wow, now I think I am filled in on all things Kiwi Scooter. I do think your
accident rate/ fatality rate was pretty good ( relative term, especially for
the guys who didnt make it, but you know what I mean)
Yeah, you are right about the State Department approval for ASTI. ASTI's
president is an ex-Blue Angels Team Leader as well as a former Commander of
Top Gun out at Mirramar ( in a former life) so he has some good Miltiary and
Political connections. I think that they will win approval. I know that ASTI
needs two seaters the most, as they have foriegn students who need 100 hours
of Dual in the two seaters before they can move on to single seaters. I
think they only have two 2 seaters right now. They just lost a single seater
over Utah ( fatal, good ejection, bad parachute deployment)

I dont know off the top of my head what an ARN-84 looks like, got a pic? If
its a collins unit there is a possiblity of Knob commonality.
Thanks for all the info, Sean!


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> >I would love to see a shot of that recruiting poster, I bet it looks shit
> >hot. I know the folks at ASTI who are trying to buy the Kiwi A-4's and
> >are pushing real hard to make it happen. Lots of red tape.
> I'll dig out the poster, and some other stuff I have.
> As for ATSI, *apparently* it is a done deal, just waiting for the US State
> Department to sign off on the transfer of "sensitive military equipment"
> which is part of the deal NZ signed to get the cool technology in the Kahu
> upgrade.
> >The Tacan is a Collins ARN-118 and happens to be the tall version ( there
> >a narrow version that has the same layout of window and switches but less
> >panel on top and bottom) This is the same unit that is in many US
> >and also is in my F-111s. I come accross them occasionally. I know I have
> >many brand new edge lit panels for them. The knobs are the hard part to
> >though.
> I figured it'd be a standard item.  The knobs;  Are the ones on the ARN-84
> the same?  If so I have a complete one, which I could use the knobs off of
> for masters and cast some...
> >Today I flew down to Houston for part of the day to look at the Collings
> >Foundation's UH-1E Huey which I am going to do a total interior rework on
> >( somehow in my spare time) They also have an F-4 Phantom that Steve
> >( famous mig killer from Nam') flies around. I am going to do some work
> >that as well I think, as well as provide ejection seat components for
> >TA-4J. I am discussing some flight time in the TA-4J in lieu of money for
> >those pieces of equipment.
> Good deal!  They have 3 of my fav' aircraft there.... F-4 A-4 UH-1, add
> C-130 and P-3 and I'd be *real* happy :)
> >How often were there A-4 crashes in NZ?
> >If any were ejections successful or fatal? You are too far away for me to
> >hear about them and I have always been curious. Also I am curious if the
> >powered Kiwi A-4s ( dry F/A-18 engine) had a different or modified
> >quadrant?
> We lost 6 A-4k's and 2 TA-4k's
> 2 Fatals, the rest were successful ejections.  Both fatals were during
> airshow rehersals.
> A-4K NZ6210, 24 October 1989, Flying Officer Graham Carter, During a Kiwi
> practice.
> A-4K NZ62??, 2001, Squadron Leader Murray Neilson (CO 2Sqn), During
> practice.
> All ejections were successfull, no ejection was initiated in either of the
> 2 fatalities.
> **** A Brief history of the Kiwi A-4's ***
> The original batch was 14, 10 A-4K's (NZ6201-10) and 4 TA-4K's (NZ6251-4)
> was supplemented in 1984 by 8 A-4G (NZ6211-18) and 2 TA-4G's (NZ6255 & 56)
> lost in service:
> A-4K NZ6207, 18th October 1974, engine failure near Ohakea.
> TA-4K NZ6253, 25 March 1981, in the Ruahine ranges during a low level ex.
> A-4K NZ6210, 24 October 1989, Flying Officer Graham Carter, During a Kiwi
> practice.
> A-4K NZ6208, 23 July 1992, Crashed on the South East Coast of the North
> Island on 23 July 1992 after an engine flame out due to fuel feed problems
> A-4K NZ6203, 20 June 1996, 8km North of Ohakea after an engine failure.
> A-4K NZ????, February 2001, NSW Australia during an airshow rehearsal.
> Squadron Leader Murray Neilson
> TA-4K NZ????, 20th March 2001, 160Km off the Western Australian coast.
> Highest strength was 22 when we got the G's, now down to 17 (16 if the
> strike bird is grounded.....)
> Both the A-4K and A-4G are basically A-4E/F's with specific equipment,
> the
> braking parachute on the K's.  Visually the you could tell the K's and G's
> apart because the K had the "hump" on it's back, like the A-4E, the G did
> have the hump.  With the "Project Kahu" modifications (expected to extend
> operational life to 1995!!!!) the humps all went west, and all are now the
> same
> spec.
> And now from the RAN.....
> The RAN preceded the US bureau number with an aircraft designation
> number, N-13 being allocated to the Skyhawk (single & two seater).
> Then follows the RAN's 'side' number, prominently displayed on either
> side of the nose of the a/c. The a/c's fate is then briefly described.
> TA-4G  N13-154647  878  Lost 28Apr80
>    "    N13-154648  879  Lost 16May74
>    "    N13-154911  880  NZ6255
>    "    N13-154912  881  NZ6256
> A-4G   N13-154903  882  NZ6211 Jul84
>    "    N13-154904  883  NZ6212
>    "    N13-154905  884  NZ6213
>    "    N13-154906  885  Lost Oct80
>    "    N13-154907  886  Lost Sep79
>    "    N13-154908  887  NZ6214
>    "    N13-154909  888  Lost May79
>    "    N13-154910  889  Lost Nov73
>    "    N13-155051  870  Lost Jan79
>    "    N13-155052  871  NZ6215
>    "    N13-155055  872  Lost Jul75
>    "    N13-155060  873  Lost Jun73
>    "    N13-155061  874  NZ6216
>    "    N13-155062  875  Lost Oct80
>    "    N13-155063  876  NZ6217
>    "    N13-155064  877  NZ6218
> Enough boring stuff from me.
> Sean.
> All up that's not a bad attrition rate for over 30 years of service.....
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