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Hi Sean,

I would love to see a shot of that recruiting poster, I bet it looks shit
hot. I know the folks at ASTI who are trying to buy the Kiwi A-4's and they
are pushing real hard to make it happen. Lots of red tape.

The Tacan is a Collins ARN-118 and happens to be the tall version ( there is
a narrow version that has the same layout of window and switches but less
panel on top and bottom) This is the same unit that is in many US airplanes,
and also is in my F-111s. I come accross them occasionally. I know I have
many brand new edge lit panels for them. The knobs are the hard part to find

Today I flew down to Houston for part of the day to look at the Collings
Foundation's UH-1E Huey which I am going to do a total interior rework on
( somehow in my spare time) They also have an F-4 Phantom that Steve Ritchie
( famous mig killer from Nam') flies around. I am going to do some work with
that as well I think, as well as provide ejection seat components for thier
TA-4J. I am discussing some flight time in the TA-4J in lieu of money for
those pieces of equipment.

How often were there A-4 crashes in NZ?
If any were ejections successful or fatal? You are too far away for me to
hear about them and I have always been curious. Also I am curious if the GE
powered Kiwi A-4s ( dry F/A-18 engine) had a different or modified throttle



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> >Hi Sean,
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> >So you got great politicians there too, ; )
> hmmm. Not gonna touch that one with someone elses!
> >Do you have any good pictures of the entire cockpit interior of the Kiwi
> >Skyhawk?
> Yeah, I'll dig some up.  I have a very cool recruiting poster which is a
> nice wide angle shot looking into the cockpit with everything lit up.
> >Id like to see what TACAN ( ARN-118, narrow, wide?) and other common
> >that might be on board. I might have other panels.
> Well a bunch of the panels are pure E/F;
> Gear/flap
> Trim
> Buddy re-fuel
> AFCS (well the panel is the same...MASSIVE rebuild under that)
> LH&RH Wedge
> The rest are new, late 80's era;
> NAS Power
> KY-58 RCU
> ALE-39
> ARC-159
> APX-100
> TACAN (cant remember which model, but it replaced the ARN-84 which I have)
> Data Transfer Module
> Video Interface Module
> Sadly a lot of the new stuff were specially made for the "Kahu" project..
> the systems themselves were off the shelf, but due to the size constraints
> of the A-4 cockpit, the panels themselves had to be "compressed".  An
> example is the Nav Attack System which shares the same panel space as the
> AVTR control.
> Scary part is when you think about what had to be left out... like back-up
> instruments... there are none!  They relied on the HUD and primary
> instruments only.
> Attached is the TACAN from the A-4k (and do you need an ARN-84 for
> Sean.