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The escapac on Ebay is specific to the Martin B-57. The seller has thrown in
many other models which indeed used Escapacs, but this is a sub variant
which has a wider bucket, different face curtain handles as well as lower
ejection handles.
Ok to the Stby ASI Gene, when its located in the boxes, its yours as was
always promised.
I did get the call today that confirms the equipment, and cockpit that I
mentioned before. I am going to go pick it up sometime tommrow ( if that
works for the folks sending it our way)
I will take many pictures upon them being in our possesion. There are other
objects behind this lot, so I am fairly excited. I am also quickly running
out of space.
Ill will keep you posted.
Sean, can you email me a picture of your ARC-159?


Chris W

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> > On a a *far* brighter note, I got my first ACCIS modules for the A-4, so
> > have a nice ARC-159, APX-100 and TACAN working now... just have to hook
> > the rotary encoders and momentaries and I am ready to bolt them into the
> > pit!  Yeeeeeha!
> >
> Glad to hear it Sean!  Got any pictures yet? :)
> Oh, there's an A4 seat on eBay right now too.
> g.
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