[simpits-chat] Cleaning out the hangar...

Gene Buckle simpits-chat@simpits.org
Wed, 9 Jul 2003 22:13:45 -0700 (PDT)

Ok folks, the auctioning has begun! :)

In the nearly 7 years I've been working on flight simulator hardware, I've
collected a huge pile of commercial aircraft avionics and edge-lit panels.
99% of this stuff is for Boeing 7x7 series airliners.

The first 5 are up now, with a LOT more to follow - there are 71 items in
the first run.  A mix of partial panels, complete panels and individual
edge-lit panels.

To find 'em, search eBay (text and descriptions) for "simpits" and you'll
find them.

My wife has been kind enough to run these auctions for me.  Her primary
business is handmade jewelry and if you've got a SWMBO that likes jewelry,
you might want to buy something you can dangle in front of her while
you're hiding the simulator parts. :)

Stuff that will be showing up soon are dozens (ok, probably closer to
about 100) steam gauges of various types, both commercial and civil.
Aircraft circuit breakers, instrument clamps for round and square
instruments, etc.  This is going to be a _huge_ blowout and the prices are
fair.  Few if any "real world" avionics - it's mostly simulator rated

Thanks all!