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Gene's correct (not that he needed my approval).  I have some recent
experience with this particular issue.  I am building a rackmount enclosure
out of a built in book shelf/TV shelf with cabinets under the TV shelf.  I
have ripped out all the doors and innards of the cabinet and built 3 13U
rack enclosures.  In these enclosures will be the computers to run the sim,
but I need to get the back of the computer connections to the front.  I got
some 37 pin amphenol connectors and started wiring in some USB lines.  After
getting all 37 pins soldered in, I decided to make sure my lines weren't too
long (learned this lesson the hard way).  Sure enough, for high speed USB,
the max cable length is 5 meters (3 meters of for regular USB).  BUT, you
can extend the max length to 30 meters by using powered hubs in between the
5 meter cables.  So, I had to remove all 37 connections and start over again
to make sure any single length was not more than 5 meters.

Now, I did do one other thing when I connected these guys, I wired in the
signal ground with the shield wire mesh chassis ground.  Am I going to have
problems with this?  I have found some cables that do this and some that
don't.  There is a bare wire in contact with the mesh shield and some of the
cables I have seen (i.e. taken apart) have this bare wire attached to the
signal ground (which is essence makes a connection between the mesh shield
and the signal ground).  This question is for anyone out there.


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I took apart my CH USB Yoke to see if I could use the throttle, mixture &
prop contols seperate from the unit.  Does anybody know how long the wires
can be extended before resistance gets too great to use them?


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