[simpits-chat] Why oh why?!

Sean Galbraith simpits-chat@simpits.org
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:51:20 +1300

It is T-3 days and counting.... till the A-4 makes it's first public 
appearance, and I have a couple of serious questions:

1.  Why the bloody hell did I agree to do this?
2.  Why do we humans leave things to the very last possible moment?  I 
mean, it's 3 days to go, and I still don't have the console panels done, 
and the graphics are not even on the outer skin!!!

On a positive note, our display has attracted some serious sponsorship, 
from Telecom NZ, they are providing wireless broadband for the weekend! and 
Microsoft NZ who are giving us product to "give away".... things *are* 
looking up.... but back to the "why did I agree to do this"......


I guess I don't *really* need to sleep do I?