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>Flight Safety Information (20JAN03-029)
>*Six Hurt When Plane Hits Jetway in N.Y.
>*Fighter Jet Overshoots Australian Runway
>*A plane carrying Czech defense minister gets stuck at Kosovo airport
>*Lost Swiss pilot lands copter at Air Force One base
>*Messerschmitt 262 Ends Up In Ditch At Paine Field
>*5 rescued in helicopter crash in S. Korea
>*Two injured as planes collide on glacier
>*AN-24 Accident in Gabon
>*UK's BAE rejects report of Boeing merger talks
>*Today in History
>Six Hurt When Plane Hits Jetway in N.Y.
>NEW YORK (AP) - An airplane struck a passenger jetway at LaGuardia
>injuring six airport workers Sunday, authorities said.
>The Northwest Airlines Airbus A319 was being moved from a parking area
to a
>gate when it hit the jetway, causing the plane's landing gear to
>according to airline spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch.
>There were no passengers on the plane or the jetway, the accordian-like
>tunnel used to connect planes to terminal gates.
>A customer service agent on the jetway, three ground employees guiding
>aircraft and two mechanics suffered minor injuries, Ebenhoch said. Five
>released from a hospital after treatment.
>A second Northwest airplane, a Boeing 757, also was damaged in the
>collision, and both planes were being removed from service, Ebenhoch
>He could not immediately provide details on the damage to the second
>Passengers were being rebooked on other flights, Ebenhoch said.
>Fighter Jet Overshoots Australian Runway
>SYDNEY, Australia - A U.S. fighter jet overshot a runway and rolled into
>trees while attempting to land at an air base in western Australia. Its
>pilot was not injured.
>The F/A-18 Hornet was one of 20 from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham
>Lincoln, which stopped in Australia for repair and maintenance work. It
>rolled off the runway late Friday at the base about 30 miles north of
>state capital, Perth. "It was going in to land at Pearce air base ... it
>would appear that he's overshot the runway and ended up in a private
>paddock," Western Australia state police Duty Inspector Garry Kosovich
>A U.S. military spokesman was not immediately available for comment. A
>spokesman for the Australian Defense Force declined comment.
>A plane carrying Czech defense minister gets stuck at Kosovo airport
>PRISTINA, Yugoslavia - A military plane carrying the Czech defense
>and other officials slid off the runway Sunday at Pristina airport as it
>preparing to take off, a U.N. spokesman said.
>"At around 9 a.m. (0800 GMT), when the plane, a Tupolev 154, was moving
>the parking area to the main runway a wheel of the plane went off the
>into the mud, which made the plane bend on its side," said Andrea Angeli
>spokesman for the U.N. in Kosovo. Jaroslav Tvrdik, the Czech defense
>minister, and a delegation of some 40 other military and civilian
>were on board at the time, but no one was injured, he said. At the time
>the accident there was little snow, but visibility was good, Angeli
>The minister and the rest of the delegation were about to fly to Kuwait
>after a two-day visit in Kosovo, where they presented medals to a
>Czech-Slovak battalion serving alongside NATO led peacekeepers in this
>Yugoslav province. Another plane was ordered, and the delegation was
>to leave Pristina later in the day, weather permitting, Angeli said.
>Meanwhile NATO and Russian peacekeeper, who control Pristina airport,
>trying to move the plane onto the tarmac again, Angeli said. Tvrdik was
>planning to to meet a Czech chemical warfare unit stationed in Kuwait.
>Lost Swiss pilot lands copter at Air Force One base
>WASHINGTON, Jan 18 (Reuters) - An unidentified Swiss national on
>landed his helicopter at Andrews Air Force Base, the home of the
>presidential Air Force One jet outside Washington, after becoming lost,
>Air Force said.
>The pilot, who had a Swiss passport and identification with him,
>became lost while trying to land at Indian Head airport, which is
>miles (kilometres) from Andrews, according to the 89th Airlift Wing of
>Air Force.
>It said the FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigations were
>in to assist with an investigation of the incident, which occurred
around 5
>p.m. EST (2200 GMT) on a day of clear blue skies in the Washington area.
>The pilot and his aircraft remained at Andrews, pending the
>the Air Force said.
>President George W. Bush was not expected to use Air Force One on
>as he was spending the weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat in
>Maryland, a destination he typically reaches from the White House by
>Aviation authorities and the U.S. military set up restricted flight
>over parts of Washington, New York and other areas after the Sept. 11
>attacks in which hijackers crashed airliners into buildings.
>The Swiss pilot is not the first to stray into restricted airspace
>Washington and Camp David since Sept. 11.
>In July, U.S. military jets were twice scrambled after three small
>intruded into restricted airspace around Camp David, although none of
>planes landed there.
>The White House was briefly evacuated in June after a private Cessna
>within four miles (6 km) of the White House and air traffic controllers
>unable to contact its pilot.
>In most cases, such pilots are released after questioning, and they are
>referred to aviation authorities for possible administrative action for
>following flight procedures.
>An Andrews spokesman could not say if military jets were scrambled in
>response to Saturday's incident.
>Messerschmitt 262 Ends Up In Ditch At Paine Field
>Historic Plane Goes Off Runway
>EVERETT, Wash. -- A rare, historic small plane went off the runway at
>Field Friday.
>Gear Problem Sends Historic Plane Off Runway
>The Messerschmitt 262 is the first jet aircraft, a fighter launched by
>Germany in 1944. An Everett group recently started building some of the
>planes, of which only eight originals remain.
>The plane was the first reproduction of the Messerschmitt 262. It had
done a
>test flight Dec. 20 with its gear down, and Friday's flight was the
>attempt at a "gear up" flight.
>As the pilot landed, the left landing gear collapsed. The pilot managed
>guide the plane off into grass, but it ended up in a ditch.
>The group making reproductions of the planes, called the ME 262 project,
>building the planes with new parts and planned to sell them for about $2
>million each.
>5 rescued in helicopter crash in S. Korea
>SEOUL, Jan. 19 (Kyodo) - Five people were rescued Sunday morning after a
>firefighting helicopter, carrying seven people on board crashed at a
>reservoir in the city of Hapchon in North Kyongsang Province on Saturday
>afternoon, Yonhap News Agency reported Sunday.
>A Korean pilot, identified as Yoo Byung Woo, 39, and an unidentified
>co-pilot were still missing, the report said.
>The W-3A Sokol helicopter was carrying another Korean, three other Poles
>one Briton when it went down.
>Their identities were not available yet, it said.
>About 1,300 policemen, military troops and firefighters searched for the
>missing, the news agency quoted police as saying.
>The helicopter took off from an airport in Taegu shortly at around 3:20
>Saturday for a flight to test its newly installed ''automatic navigation
>system,'' but radio contact with it was lost soon after takeoff, the
>The five foreigners, from a Polish helicopter manufacturer, have been in
>South Korea to install and test the auto flight system, it said.
>Two injured as planes collide on glacier
>NENDAZ, Switzerland - Two people were injured Saturday when a light
>taking off from an Alpine glacier collided with one coming in to land.
>One of the Piper planes was completely destroyed, authorities said.
>The accident occured shortly before midday on the Prafleuri glacier in
>southern Valais Alps. The two injured were on the plane which was taking
>off. the pilot and passenger of the other aircraft were unharmed.
>Small aircraft are sometimes used to transport skiers to the glacier
>(Australian Financial Review) - Australia's Civil Aviation Safety
>is considering stopping flights from Papua New Guinea, whose air
>has come under heavy domestic criticism.
>The Civil Aviation Authority of PNG filed only late last week to CASA
>safety audits on the five PNG airlines that fly regularly to Australia.
>Their foreign air operators' certificates expire on January 31.
>The Montreal Convention on International Civil Aviation requires
>regulators, such as PNG's CAA, to provide credible audits of their own
>A spokesperson for CASA said yesterday: ``We are currently studying the
>reports provided by the CAA, and will make a decision within the next
>on whether we shall re-issue the certificates.''
>Newspapers in Port Moresby have quoted CASA's general manager, Arthur
>as writing that ``CASA has some concerns about the capacity of the CAA
>carry out its safety oversight responsibilities''.
>Air Niugini, the state-owned national carrier, flies Fokker F28s daily
>Cairns. These flights could be stopped, but not those to Brisbane of its
>Boeing 767, which is registered in New Zealand.
>Four other PNG airlines, owned privately, fly frequent passenger and
>charters to Australia: Regional Air, National Jet, Hevi Lift and
>Aircraft operating in PNG which depends heavily on air transport, with
>roads linking the capital Port Moresby to any other major centre are
>routinely serviced in Australia.
>Any interruption of air links to Australia would inflict a serious blow
>PNG's already depressed economy, for more than half the country's
>come from Australia, and a quarter of its exports come ``down south''.
>totalled $2.1 billion in the last financial year.
>Qantas is the only other carrier from Australia. It flies to PNG from
>Brisbane and Sydney, and code-shares Air Niugini's flights from Cairns.
>The PNG government led by Mekere Morauta, defeated in elections in
>failed to attract buyers for Air Niugini, which it had viewed as a major
>drawcard for its privatisation campaign.
>The questions raised by the CASA threat, however, are directed towards
>regulator rather than the airlines themselves. The apparent failings of
>CAA's capacity reflect those of much of the government sector, weakened
>constant politicisation and by corruption.
>The previous government tried to defuse such concerns by corporatising
>former department of civil aviation to become the CAA which is also
>responsible for the extensive flights over PNG air space to Asia from
>But questions remain about its efficiency. Don Polye, PNG's Transport
>Civil Aviation Minister, said the CAA ``is not functioning as it should
>be''. Late last month, he sacked its board and appointed a new acting
>Peter Sharpe, the chairman of the Aviation Representatives Board,
>representing the carriers, said: ``The future of the aviation industry
is at
>``There are serious problems associated with the standard of service
>provided by the CAA, about which the industry has expressed concern for
>AN-24 Accident in Gabon
>Date: 17 JAN 2003
>Type: Antonov 24?
>Total: 3 fatalities / on board
>Location: near Ndjolé (Gabon)
>Phase: Cruise
>Nature: Cargo
>Departure airport: Brazzaville-Maya Maya Airport (BZV)
>Destination airport: Douala Airport (DLA)
>Crashed in a wooded area. Some news sources report that the aircraft had
>Congolese crew of 6 on board. At least three bodies have been found by
>rescue workers.
>UK's BAE rejects report of Boeing merger talks
>LONDON, Jan 19 (Reuters) - BAE Systems Plc on Sunday dismissed as
>"valueless" a newspaper report that it held merger talks last year with
>aerospace giant Boeing Co.
>The Sunday Times said senior bankers held talks on behalf of the two
>companies in late 2002 on a possible merger to create a 20 billion pound
>($32 billion) trans-Atlantic defense group.
>BAE's December profit warning put discussions on hold but sources close
>BAE said both sides remain eager to cement a deal if possible, the
>A BAE spokesman said the British defense group was in constant talks
>business partners like Boeing, but such conversations were not
>about mergers.
>"It is not worth commenting on," the spokesman said of the Sunday Times
>For the last five years BAE has said there will eventually be only two
>three big players in aerospace and defense, and each will have a U.S.
>component. BAE has said it plans to be a part of one of those groups.
>The BAE spokesman said the company had been the subject of repeated
>speculation of a possible merger with partners like Boeing or European
>aerospace group EADS .
>Boeing officials were not immediately available for comment.
>The report came as BAE continued negotiations with the British
>over a contract to build two aircraft carriers.
>A decision on whether BAE or French rival Thales will build the warships
>could come by the end of January.
>The Ministry of Defence (MoD) last week said it had not yet made a
>on the contract and played down speculation BAE systems would fail
>the government believed Thales' bid represented better value for money
>was technically superior.
>Separately, the BAE spokesman said the company continued to push the
>government to cover cost overruns of up to 1 billion pounds on contracts
>build Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft and Astute submarines for the MoD.
>The government said in December it had no intention of covering the
>that it attributed to the company's poor performance.
>"Discussions have continued and are proceeding to a resolution," the
>spokesman said, declining to comment further on when an outcome might
>or what it would be.
>$1=.6179 Pound
>Today in History:
>Date of Accident: 20 January 1992
>Airline: Air Inter
>Aircraft: Airbus A320-111
>Location: Strasbourg, France
>Registration: F-WWDP
>Flight Number: 148
>Fatalities: 87:96
>MSN: 15
>Engine Manufacturer: CFM International
>Engine Model: CFM56-5A1
>Year of Delivery: 1988
>Accident Description: While on approach into Strasbourg the aircraft
>impacted the side of a mountain. The cause of the crash was found to be
>faulty design in an autopilot mode selector switch which led the flight
>to inadvertently select a 3,300 foot per minute descent rate on the
>instead of the desired 3.3° flight path angle.
>Date of Accident: 20 January 1994
>Airline: Air France
>Aircraft: Airbus A340-211
>Location: Paris, France (CDG)
>Registration: F-GNIA
>Fatalities: 0:0
>MSN: 010
>Year of Delivery: 1993
>Accident Description: Airbus 340 F-GNIA had been in service since June
>1993. After the completion of an A-check the aircraft was pulled from
>maintenance hangar to the terminal at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
>that moment a fire broke out. The airport fire services were not able
>prevent the aircraft from being damaged beyond repair by the fire.
>CAUSE: Overheat and fire of the yellow hydraulic electric pump operating
>aircraft cargo doors on ground with the engines off.