[simpits-chat] Mouser rant...

Gene Buckle simpits-chat@simpits.org
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 10:56:40 -0800 (PST)

<rant value="harsh language">

I ordered 4 molex connectors and the 100 pins they'll need.  I placed the
order on Sunday, figuring they'd get it out the door Monday or Tuesday.
I'd have it by Saturday so I could build the wiring harnesses for the
ILS/TACAN and MISC panels.

I got an email confirmation that my order had shipped.  Cool.  I checked

# of pins shipped, 100
# of connectors shipped, 0.

Oh. Joy.  I called Mouser to get them to stop the shipment.  I don't want
the damn pins without the connectors they go in.  This gum-chewing
teeny-bopper tells me that the a) the connectors "might" ship in 5 days
and b) the order is already shipped.

Well thank you very fucking much Ms. Mouser.  I get 100 pins I can't use
for two weeks, and you shitheads are gonna ding me another 6 bucks for
shipping four tiny plastic parts that don't even weigh an ounce!

Her response?  "uhhhhhhh"  Christ on a crutch.  At least digikey will do
the courtesy of *asking* if you want the order held if items get

This really sucks too, since Mouser just started carrying Molex terminal
strips at half the cost and better quality than those damn Tyco/AMP

I guess next time I order I'll make sure to tack a note on the order that
tells them if they don't ship it complete, I'll reverse the charges on the
whole damn order and refuse delivery.  Stupid asshats.

I always knew there was a reason I ordered parts months (or years!) before
I actually needed them. *snarl*


Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!