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You know, I hope I get to meet you someday, as I'm sure we are related
somehow (your prose is much the same as I would think/say).


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First of all, we've managed to collect 28 members on the simpits-chat
list.  I was right, the Usual Suspects showed up and basically no one
else.  This is in line with the ongoing, pathetic lack of participation
the list membership at large.  The exception of course is you, The Usual
Suspects. *grin*

I've got three things on the board right now.

First of all, I'm nearing completion on the profile editor.  I need to
assemble the edit & display pages.  Creating new profiles work fine.
I've added a fullname field so people can use a handle for their login

When this is done, it will fill out the data on the profile pages
(currently at http://www.simpits.org/aboutus/profiles.html) from the
membership database instead of from a static page.

Second, I'm going to restrict access to the file areas to registered
only.  This should put a stop to the wget users that show up, snarf the
content and then are never to be seen from again.  You should see what
does to how much bandwidth is used when some knob has 10 streams going,
trying to grab all 400+ files on the website file are at once. :)

When the registration system goes live, I'm going to shut off the FTP
entirely and move all the files to the website download area.

Third, membership will be free, but you MUST be subscribed to at least
simpits-ann list.  If a person fills out the profile application and
email address can't be found in any of the mailing list databases, it'll
flag the profile as needing validation.  I'll have the program email me
and I'll subscribe the new user to the simpits-ann list and set it to
digest mode.  There will be a cron process that will go through the
database every day, checking to see if a profile email address has the
simpits-ann list set to "no mail".  If this happens, the profile will be
disabled and I'll be notified.  I'll of course re-enable the profile if
the reason for them setting the no-mail flag is reasonable.

The primary reason I'm doing this is to at least try to get the lurkers
be aware of what's going on.  If they want to use the resources of the
community, they can at least be aware of what the community is doing.  I
don't think that requiring a digest subscription to the announce list is
that much of a hardship.  Unless activity explodes on the list due to
heavy uploads or heavy posting on the forums, they won't get more than 1
message per 24 hour period anyway.

You'll notice that I didn't post this to simpits-tech.  The reason for
this is that frankly, 99% of the participating members are on this list.
People that participate in the community get to help decide the
of the community, while the rest of them can stand out in the rain and
wonder what the hell is going on. :)

I'm interested in hearing from you - I _want_ input on these things that
I'm about to put into effect.  Are there changes or additions you'd like
to see?  This is _your_ resource, I'm just the cranky librarian. :)


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