[simpits-chat] Tech...

Brian Sikkema simpits-chat@simpits.org
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:42:19 +0000




>(su to root)


>Where's the problem?

Problem is half the time that doesn't work, you have to screw around with 
the makefile to get it to work for your specific system, or track down 
dependencies you don't have and get THEM installed in the right place. And 
don't get me started on trying to get things working on a system where you 
dont HAVE SU. RPMs make things nicer, but aren't 100%, either. That's 
another one of my problems that I forgot to mention, about how 
system-dependent everything is. There are so many distros out there and so 
many programs need adjustments to work on one they aren't coded specifically 
for, and most people (including myself) just dont want to screw with it, 
they want to install their program and run it. The only time that should be 
taken is the time it takes for the install program to copy the files over, 
IMHO. But I've never seen a program with so much as an install script, even. 
It seems like such a simple concept, make a small program to install 
software. But noone in the *nix world seems to want to do that for their 
software. Probably because they know it wouldnt work 90% of the time, 
because there would be some adjustment to make.


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