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Hey Stig, this is off Brian's topic (sorry Brian, I'm stuck on this one) but
maybe you can help me.  I have a buddy of mine who just recently moved to
Spain.  He used to live in New Jersey and we would play Falcon 4 online all
the time.  He had a static and I had a dynamic IP behind a router and I
would open ports and add the command line to falcon.exe -ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
of my cable modem's IP address and we could play just fine.

Now I have the static ip address and can hook into the Jetnet (Falcon's
online game server) but he has a private IP address in the 10.2.x.x range.
We cannot get him to hook into any server (or hook into my machine) to play
online.  We have opened the needed ports (we think) but he doesn't seem to
be behind a mappable IP address, only a private one.  How can we get around
this so he can play online?  He is able to use Roger Wilco and I have a base
station set up and we can talk to each other smooth as butter.

Any help from you or anyone would be greatly appreciated.  By the way,
someone either in the chat or Tech group recommended using 2 soundcards to
pipe the sound effects through one and the voice comms of roger wilco
through the other.  Well, I can tell you first hand it works like a champ
(I'm using XP pro).  I couldn't believe I didn't have any conflicts with
this working.


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Here is an example of using telnet as a mail program....

start telnet in dos prompt :

"c:\>telnet 25"

( is my mailserver, change that to the mailserver on campus)

the server will answer your request with something like (in the example
this is a:)

"220 ESMTP ready at  Wed, 19 Feb 2003 01:06:43 +0100"

now type ( following is this t:)


a: 250 mail.clearsky.dk Hello []
t: MAIL From: stig.joergensen@clearsky.dk
a: 250 2.1.0 stig.joergensen@clearsky.dk....Sender OK
t: RCPT To: stig.joergensen@clearsky.dk
a: 250 2.1.5 stig.joergensen@clearsky.dk
a: 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
t: this is a test mail
t: .
a: 250 2.6.0 <Ks6qisdBzPO0000000b@mail.clearsky.dk> Queued mail for

and woila - the mail is delivered


for ending the session......

as you can see from this example it is quite easy to send a mail - even
without a mailing program....

be aware of the above should work with all mailserver though the
response from the mail server might not the same, unless they are
running "MS exchange server 2k"

if you can use this example, go ahead - and from the IT department get
the firewall logs (but be careful here - you might open a can of worms
as they will be searching for your ip address, and in doing so they will
see what else you have done on the "net", such as downloading mp3s)


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> > Subscribe conformation was in place, Gene. The Dean 
> recieved the email
> > asking to confirm for the mailing list, she sent that to IT 
> and they emailed
> > the newsletter people. At least, I think that's the way it 
> was set up. I
> > gave the wrong copy of my information to my Commander, I 
> left myself with
> > the copy with less info, I think. Basically, IT asked the 
> newsletter people
> > who subscribed that email address, and the newsletter 
> people responded with
> > one line: my IP address.
> >
> I would still want to see the full headers.  If there is a 
> line in there
> that says:  your.ip.address [other.ip.address], the ip 
> address between the
> brackets is the real address.  It could also read: your.hostname.edu
> [other hostname or ip address]
> > all work out, I'm sure, I just wanted to go to my hearing with some
> > semi-professional oppinions backing me up on what might 
> have happened.
> If it helps, I run my own mail servers so I know what I'm 
> talking about.
> There are others on this list that are equally as skilled.  
> I'm sure we'd
> be happy to eat 'em alive for you. :)
> g.
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