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What is the aprox. cost of creating these gas turbines? and how did you
manage there power, in term of them being aligned, meaning the the left
will not produce more thrust than the right or vise versa
and finaly, what is the ABT (air borne time) with a given fuel wieght?
(2 min per kg?)

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Hi  guy's
here are some details on my F-15 , 85"long, 54" wingspan  all up weight
14 lbs, the model is powered by two gas turbines made from plans i got
of the web , I also purchased the turbine wheels from the same place
.they put out 24lbs of thrust @115.000 rpm so going vertical is not a
problem.the model uses 8 channels,these being , rudders , stabilisers,
landing gear, speed brake, throttle , lighting system, main gear brakes
and engine start. the turbines are controlled by an electronic control
unit, which will start , run and check the system before handing control
over to the transmitter, it will also control the shut down and spools
the turbines up and down to cool the units .the model has nav, anti
collision , formation and landing lighting, the landing light operates
from the nose gear, the main gear twists and turn on retraction,and the
gear doors are sequenced, the model also has a full fail-safe system
which is required on this model .fuselage is f/ glass with some carbon
fibre in high stress areas the wings and stab's are hot wire cut from
white foam ,1/16" balsa skinned then glassed  the fins and stab's are
the same method, landing gear and pneumatic system are also home made.
the model is quite docile to fly , but focuses the mind when you turn
the power on .