[simpits-chat] f-15 monster RC model

Matt Bailey simpits-chat@simpits.org
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 20:24:43 -0500

Yep, the right/left thing becomes second nature after some experience. You'd 
be surprised how natural it becomes, flying the plane in any attitude 
imaginable. The most trouble I have usually is trying to remember what 
direction to move the rudder when inverted.

As far as sims go, actually I started out with flying the default 182 in 
FS5.x from the tower view, using a simple Gravis joystick. It by no means 
made me proficient, but it definitely helped me get used to flying the plane 
in many different attitudes. I think any simulator that has a similar 
external view could be helpful to some extent.

	-Matt Bailey

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 20:40, Gene wrote:
> > lot easier I would think, since you constantly have to take into account
> > the direction of the plane in relation to your controls.
> After you've spent some time with a transmitter in your hands, it becomes
> totally automatic.  You don't even think about it.  I suggest you get a
> package like Real Flight that comes with "transmitter" so you can train
> your thumbs before you break a real model.