[simpits-chat] f-15 monster RC model

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Thu, 6 Feb 2003 17:37:12 +0800

I myself have flown model aircraft at a national level in australia all be
it free- flight and controll line, not big R/C

i saw a case in the eastern states during a national championships where the
majority of aircraft were being flown as a demonstration to the public on a
open day little did they know that a persons kid in the audience hada remote
controlled car he was playing with for about a minute on and off  , slowly
one by one aircraft did wierd things and 2 hit the deck ,  a call was made
over the pa to any aeromodlers to check there frequency tags and turn off
all non flying gear , after the third aircraft headed out of radio range at
a great rate of knots siome one woke up to what was happening , grabbed the
controller of the kid and popped the batts out ,  after a couple of  seconds
the kid got disgruntled and threw a wobbly , the parents got upset and
demanded he be able to play with his car ,........ after much agro they said
ok who the pays for the 7000 dollar bill for the two pranged aircraft and
one lost one .... neverless the parents and the kid retreated fairley
quickley to there car and naffed off...


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> I've seen that on eBay and the hobby store and thought about getting one
> those.  My biggest concern is dropping a few grand into one of these and
> then pancaking it on the ground and watching it all go up in flames.
> Jay