[simpits-chat] Long time in coming

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Lol. Work and play, Matt, work and play. Totally seperate stuff (although
the work is sometimes more fun than the play, and the play more tedious than
the work, to be honest). I happen to spend a lot of time in what is now
called the Ion Space Propulsion lab here at school. We do research on
electric propulsion thrusters, specifically hall thrusters.

At any rate none of our thrusters will ever be on any spacecraft themselves,
we're not in the business of making flight hardware, we're in the business
of testing concepts and figuring out how and why these things work, and how
to make them work better. :)

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> > And the rocket science is always fun. Unfortunately this semester has
> > so busy I haven't had too much time to work in the lab, but next
> > looks very promising. I'm inheriting a small uncompleted hall thruster
> > one of the grad students, so hopefully by the end of the semester I'll
> > that up and running *fingers crossed*
> >
> > Brian
> Waaaait a minute, I thought your space capsule project was supposed to be
> SIMULATOR.........?    /me puts on FAA hat
> -Matt Bailey
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