[simpits-chat] Mercury Bragging

Brian Sikkema hangr18 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 19:00:50 PST 2003

Well, I finally spilled the beans to Rob Conley that I've been working on a new Mercury model, and I've finally got it pretty much finished and into Orbiter's .msh format. So now it looks like it will be a part of the next Mercury release! :)

I give you, in all their glory, the Mercury 7!

And in case you're wondering about Freedom 7 II, it was a planned 3 day orbital mission with Alan Shepard at the controls that got scrapped.

Anyway, not only are the capsules new, but so is the escape tower, retro pack, straps, antenna fairing, etc etc etc. All new. Perhaps a new Redstone model if I get ambitious. Probably a new Atlas adapter. Lots of fun stuff.

And there is also work being done on a new control panel (not by me) as well as some other fun goodies, so the next version of Mercury is really gonna knock some socks off! :)

There, done bragging now. ;)
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