[simpits-chat] Phabulous Phantoms....

John P. Miguez simpits-chat@simpits.org
Sat, 2 Aug 2003 11:35:24 -0500

I know this thread has finished, but I was out of town and have to respond.

Trying to compare the Phantom to the Viper is comparing apples and oranges.
They are two different generations of aircraft and both have good and bad

Chris mentioned that "real fighter pilots" use guns.  Speaking from
experience, "real fighter pilots" will use the eastist weapon available and
then go home to celebrate or just thank God that they are alive.  It is damn
tough to hit another airplane, who doesn't want to be hit, with guns.  Even
in WWII 80% of the planes shot down by another fighter, didn't see the guy
until it was too late.  A gun shot has to be close, very close (inside 200
yards) and if he is jinking, good luck.

Chris is correct in his statement that Vietnam guys wanted guns on the F-4.
Those old AIM 9s and 7s did suck.  It is my understanding that the newer
ones are much better.

The GIB was valuable.  When I was flying for the Air National Guard I got to
play with F15s.  The old Phantom with experienced pilots held their own
against the F-15.  The difference was the WSO.  He could see while the pilot
flew.  It is very hard to fly, watch the radar and look for bandits at the
same time.  Any fighter (even the old smoky F-4) is hard to see at 2-3
miles.  BTW- We went in to the first stage of AB entering combat.  It
cleared up the smoke.

I never got to fly the F-16.  I did get a back seat ride in the F-15.  If I
knew I was going into a bombing run with a lot of AA  shooting at me, I
would want the F-4.  Stable platform and it can take a F-16's weight in hits
before it goes down.

Air-to-air..... give me the F-15 or F-16.  They accelerate faster and turn
tighter.   Now the Phantom... she was one fine airplane, a true war machine.
I am happy and proud to have flown her.