[simpits-chat] motion systems for sims

Ben Jones simpits-chat@simpits.org
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 18:42:16 +0800

Serious question ladies and gents ..

Has any one out there actually  made a motion sim for them selfs  , if so how did you do it and are plans avaliable ..

i want to make a motion pit  but the information found on the web goes from extereme to extreme  ie fully hydrolic system to a system using motors gears pulleys and wires .. ( yuck to complicated )

i have access to two old war LINK TRAINER simulators  to look at and make  measurements of but the only problem is none of them work they are in bits , they were taken apart working by someone with good intentions to fix them but about two weeks into the project gave up and left every thing apart in boxes ........ 

i would loke to use the link system of air baffells and a ait compressor , but controlling the airflow easily in my pit is the main problem , in the links it is a verry complicated system of slide vales and regulators ... thay can be replicated but at a cost and many hours of my time   and many of the parts  just cant be opened up to see how they work inside .

what i want to do is but one of the links  but my Commanding Officer wont have a bar of it , he just wants to let them sit and rot ..

can any one help me as my dream of a motion pit is soon fading