Writable EPROM Cartridge for Quickshot MasterPilot  by  Rama & Peed
  As many Quickshot MasterPilot users, I really didn't know where can I find a blank cartridge for my MasterPilot.
Even I contacted to the company, they never answer my mails.
So I asked my sound engineer friend "Peed" to made this cartridge for me.
If you can make your own PCB at home it will cost about 4 $, 
If you can't. Plus a few charge for PCB service, All it will cost under 7$.

Here is a part list.
1. EPROM No. 28C64A
2. R1 = 1M Ohm
3. C1 = .01µF

Sample of my cloned cartridge.

Here is a PCB diagram with R1 and C1 in location.

MP cartridge PCB in .jpeg format
MP cartridge PCB in .pcb format