Interview : Jurgen Hemmann (Aimsworth Sims) by  Justin Messenger
INTERVIEW: Aimsworth takes on the cockpit market!

January 4, 2002

This is the first ever interview of a new and up and coming company that is helping to provide an even wider selection of quality cockpit devices for the home cockpit builder.  It exciting to see competition developing in the world of the home cockpit builders because we know that competition between companies develops higher quality and lower priced products for the end user.  Aimsworth Corporation is an offspring of Sogema International (a manufacturer and distributor of luxury goods) and puts a lot of effort into listening to the feedback of its customers, so feel free to send them your suggestions and questions. 

SimPits: Hi Jurgen, welcome to SimPits! For our readers  who might not know of your company, Aimsworth is a relatively new company based in Bangkok that sells F-16 cockpit shells. Tell us about your Viper I F-16 cockpit.

Jurgen: Justin, new isn't exactly the right word ;)  We have been around now for more than 16 months and are getting ready for the 2002 releases. Aimsworth is a company formed by builders/simmers for simmers/builders and SimPits has played an important role in our hobby.  Our team wants to support our favorite hobby and if you need some information or want to discuss an idea, talk to us. We want to address the needs of the builders and most parts and upgrade kits will be available separately shortly after the launch. We hope that with this move, we can help the cockpit builders groups in achieving their dreams a bit quicker.  We are always open for discussions or suggestions and are looking forward to hear from you!

The VIPER I is not a re-vamped old Mk I pit, but a completely new construction.  We wanted to deliver more details, a higher accuracy with a similar price level. As many of you know, the size of our old pits was a problem and shipping cost's where rather high.  All this issues have been addressed.  The new VIPER I basic kit will contain everything you will need to get started: A complete shell, floor and side consoles, several versions of center panels to choose from (Block 15/50, pre-drilled or not), two versions of glare shields (with or without monitor support) and the new Aimsworth ACES II seat.  All this will come in one box of two cubic meters and only 80 Kg weight. All parts are now in flat military colors and several upgrade packages are available. 

SimPits: Does the ejection seat come with the cockpit?

Jurgen: Yes!  We believe that if you make the step to our pits, you should get value for money. The seat contains a very high degree of details and the parachute container is something we are quite proud of (Steve "The Master" Wilson pushed us to this, thanks Steve).  The basic seat has six parts: Seat base, backrest, and parachute container with the lead chute pack and the pitot arms. The seat is in three colors (flat military light/dark Grey and drab Olive) and the canvas/belt parts have structured surfaces as the real thing. We offer two upgrade packages that contain everything from the Ejection seat handle to the full Oxygen system. 


SimPits: Tell us about your fully programmable MFD & ICP. Is it USB driven and how does a customer program it?

Jurgen: These are truly a big step forward I believe.  We wanted something that looks 99% real, but is easy to program and affordable.  Yes, EPIC does a wonderful job, but at a price. The Aimsworth MFD/ICP base package will be either available as a MFD or ICP with a Control Unit.  This CU, as we called in short, is fully USB controlled.  Load the HID drivers on your PC via the CD-ROM and the fun can start. The CU will allow you to plug in up to 4 units (at whatever mix you may want) and you can also connect multiple CU's to your computer. This will be not only interesting for Viper drivers, but also for the F-15/F-18 pits. Programming is done very simple: 

1. Switch the CU to programming mode, 

2. Press/flip/turn your MFD/ICP/toggle/rotary button, 

3. Press your keyboard assignment (single or multiple command strings, rotary assignments, etc)

4. Switch the CU back to play mode

That's all!  No difficult command language or multiple subsystems, easy to use, flexible in programming and rather inexpensive to buy.  Even the old QuickShot units where more difficult.  Want to change some programming in flight? Easy, just follow the same procedure while you cruising at 10000 feet, no interruption in your flight. The same easy system will be applied to the side console CU. This CU will allow you to choose the level of realism you want.  No matter if it's 10 switches or the full Monty.

SimPits: Right now you are working on a second F-16 cockpit the Viper II. What will the differences be in the new cockpit from your original Viper I?

Jurgen: The VIPER II is a desktop unit.  Many of us do not have the space for a full-blown pit and our VIPER II will be a solution for them. Based on the F-16, it will allow you to use your desk and chair to fly in a more immerse environment than your desk alone.  This unit will be inexpensive and can be upgraded with a number of options, even with an ACES II seat if wanted.  As you can imagine, detail is less than the VIPER I, but it will have still a major measurements of the real Viper. The whole dept of the unit will be only 70 cm, ready for even the smallest of places to fly your favorite bird.

SimPits: Is shipping an issue with your cockpits since most of your customers are based in Europe and the United States? What are the typical shipping costs?

Jurgen: We are expecting roughly half the shipping cost for a full VIPER I.  Our distributors will make it even easier for our US and European customers. Give them a call and make an appointment or simply drop by their showroom and give the Viper's a try. No guessing work if you made the right decision or not.  More on this a bit later as we will announce it on our Website.

SimPits: Do you sell other types of cockpits, and if not, do you foresee a time when you will?

Jurgen: Two to be exact: The first unit that will see the light of the day after the VIPER II will be our Aimsworth F-15E STRIKE EAGLE.  Early 2003 a professional Military training F-16C block 50/52 version will join our product family.  The F-15E STRIKE EAGLE is again a modular pit, which means the Pilot/WSO can fly together or in different places. 

SimPits: Will you build functional side consoles as an option for the cockpits?

Jurgen: As an upgrade, we offer our fully CNC machined, truly replica F-16C panels for the simmers.  The panels are prepared for switches or can be obtained from us with the switches, wired and a CU unit or plain, so you can do things at your own pace. 

All of us wait for the Cougar, Guillaume when ;)  With the help of Guillaume Leleve (thanks Guillaume), we where able to do a new mod base for the Cougar stick.  This will mean no more bulky metal case, but rather something that looks like the Viper stick and base.  The throttle will undergo a few changes too: The base is hidden under the side console and a add on lever adapter will give the throttle handle the right length and angle.

SimPits: Thank you Jurgen for your valuable time. It's been a pleasure.

Jurgen: Thank you Justin.

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Jurgen Hemmann is the President and founder of the Aimsworth Corporation Co., Ltd.
Interview by: Justin Messenger