2nd SimPits Convention in Texas  by  Joab Ryan
ell another convention has gone by with limited people attending. It would have been awsome if we had the the big group I thought was going to be there, but I think I can blame it on the crap going on in the USA in November.

      I met up with Bob Phillips and Justin Messenger Friday at Dave & Busters and had a great dinner. The sims D&B had there were limited, I thought they would have more there. We got to chat a little and called it a night early for the Airshow.

Saterday Bob got to the airshow bright and early (9:30am), I got there about the same time, the problem I had was at the gate, NO WALLET and no money. I had to drive an hour back home and finally got back at 11:00am. But there was an hour and a half car line to get in, Man was I pissed. Just then Justin calls me, he is in line about an hour behind me, WOW what a morning. The show was great, we walked around for hours. I personally was looking like a tourist, I had a video cam, a 35mm camera, and a digital camera. I took an hour of video, a roll of film and 145 digital pics. 


     We were there till 5:00 and called Paul at Desktopsims, his shop was closed but he was more than happy to stay after hours on a Saterday to show us some of the greatest stuff we have ever seen!

Paul gave us the grand tour from front to back of his new facility. We got there at about 7:00 and stayed til almost 12:00pm. The things Paul is working on for the general public is grand. I have about 50 pics of SOME of the projects and real parts from F16, F18, F15, and other great planes in his shop. 

By the end of the night we weere stuffed in the Formula 1 racing sims network racing and Drag racing. None of us wanted to leave Desktopsim and have already made plans to go back... Permanently!  After we drug our selves away from there we talked in the parking lot till 12:30pm, and decided to call it a weekend.

I know personally I had a great time, and hope Justin and Bob had a great time also. I'm sorry not everyone was able to join us this year, but hope we can do this again next year with a bigger crowd, because we are an awsome group people...

More pictures will found at http://www.360-designs.net

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