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Erwin Neyt
Callsign : Eagle-Eye
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I live in the south-western part of the Netherlands. My greatest hobby is, you never guessed it, flying. It seems a long time ago, when I really got to fly each day. I was a student fighter-pilot in the Dutch Royal Air Force. I almost got my wings, but it was decided that I wasn't up to it. I did however flew over 200 hrs. in jets (T37 and T-38). Flying was and will ever remain a great passion of mine. 

After my flying career was over, I turned to another hobby: computers. After a period of study and fun, I became a system administrator for over 8 years now. I also like to do a lot of programming. Creativity frees the mind (just as flying does).

As a computer professional I always keep up-to-date with technology and I planned  for building my own sim for a long time. Time has come and technology has reached a level were off-the-shell hard- and software can deliver enough power to drive a flight-sim to the extend that the 'emersion-factor' is large enough that it becomes 'real'. And I know what real is!!
For years I have followed my 'brothers-in-arms' building their cockpits and, as I stated earlier, time has come to join them. So for all you flying enthusiasts over there: many happy landings.

- Erwin 'Eagle-Eye' Neyt -