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Chris Van Lierop
Callsign : SpeedOne
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Ever since I was a little kid I've been into military aircraft. I must have built a hundred model airplanes or so. I got into computers through my music-making, buying an Amiga500 to use as a sampler. It didn't take long before I played my first flightsim on the Amiga, although I can't really remember which game was first. I do know that later it was Gunship2000 that really took me to the other side of 'the line'. 

Since then I have tried almost every military flightsim that has come out. Thinking about how I could 'enhance' my flightsim experience I came to the conclusion that I 'HAD' to build a cockpit. I didn't have an internet connection yet so I really thought  I must be the only freakin' loony in the world to build a cockpit in his bedroom!! Boy, was I wrong!!! After hooking up to the internet I found out there was a whole bunch of 'nuts' just like me. The best thing was when these people came together through the SimPits mailing list. Thanks to this list we are now somewhat of a 'community' and developments on my and other projects have speeded up at least tenfold!!!  Not to mention the avalanche of new ideas that are brought up and discussed there weekly!  I already tore up my first try on the cockpit front, and amnow very busy planning and developping my second try. 

Any info I come up with, I will share with anyone interested........