Brett Collings
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I am 49 and live in Wellington, capital city of New Zealand.  I have 300hrs as a PPL and am a committed flight sim user from FS4.  Along with Sean Galbraith (also a simpits player -it's his fault I am here), we created and developed the concept of "CSL" (Common Shape Library) which now resides in Squawkbox and allows pilots worldwide to see others on their screens in the aircraft that they are in fact flying.

I'm Company Director of an events and convention company and am currently (just for fun) working in the area of  developing MS Access User Interface designed systems.

My past life(s) have included such diverse things as being an Airline Despatcher (weight and balance and all that stuff), a radio personality, advertising executive, offshore yachtsman, rally and race driver, Young Adult of the Year and general ratbag.

Simpitting is an unfortunate extension to loving to fly both for real and at the PC.   Again, it's time to blame Sean for the fact that one day he mentioned that an in tact but somewhat derelict Beech Queenair had been seen at a distant airfield.  (yeah right!) was our reaction.  It couldn't be any good was our next reaction.  Our third was, well if it IS any good, we'll never get our hands on it.

So of course; it's no surprise to anyone on this list to hear that it WAS good and we DID get it and that now we have to do something about it!  Sean has some pics, so I'll let him send them to you.

Brett Collings (ZK-BAC)

Co-Creator of "CSL" for SquawkBox

Supervisor - SATCO Pacific Division 

Wellington, New Zealand

300hrs PPL - it's never enough, but every one of them was special :)