[GEM Development] OT: Mobile phones, developing nations, an amazing solution! (Article by Shane)

rob at midworld.co.uk rob at midworld.co.uk
Fri Apr 21 21:41:36 PDT 2006

On 21 Apr 2006, at 20:08, Owen Rudge wrote:
>> [Mind you, even as a Tory voter I won't stand for any political 
>> nastiness on the
>> list.  They all have their pros and cons when it comes down to it, so 
>> let's
>> leave it at that!]
> Ooh, politics, always an exciting subject. Maybe we can resurrect the 
> off-topic posting sprees of the past, only with less Emma Bunton 
> involved... ;¬)

I cannot help but feel that replacing Bunton with Blair in conversation 
is a somewhat dubious improvement...


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