[GEM Development] running GEM XM

Peter Green pspete1 at pnc.com.au
Mon Apr 3 11:01:33 PDT 2006

G'day, all!

Just a note that I managed to get back to GEM XM the other night and had 
Paint and Write functioning simultaneously without any apparent problems 
in a DOS box under XP Pro. I haven't tried any printing. As previously 
mentioned, Publish wouldn't work -- it couldn't find the CLIPBRD folder. 
Also, both Artline and Draw said I didn't have enough memory, even 
without anything else running: I guess I need to set up the environment 
for those to work. Another day...

System: Medion laptop, Pentium M 1.70, Windows XP Media Centre Edition 
2002, 512MB RAM

Nothing world-shattering, but more evidence that it works.


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