[GEM Development] Interesting...

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Mon Apr 3 01:30:08 PDT 2006

I was looking to see what sort of architectures was left to port OpenTTD 
(www.openttd.com) to today, and I discovered some interesting stuff on the 
ol' Ataris. Something I found quite interesting was ARAnyM 
(http://aranym.org/), a pretty good emulator, and more interestingly, 
AFROS - http://aranym.org/afros.html - which is made up of various open 
source replacements for the Atari operating system, including EmuTOS 
(http://emutos.sourceforge.net/en/), which is actually built on the original 
GPL'd DRI code - indeed, some of the source contains copyrights and comments 
by the likes of John here. Not a huge piece of news or anything, I just 
found this interesting, as I didn't really know of its existance until now. 
(Checking through my list archives, I see it has been mentioned in passing a 
few times, but that's about it really).

Nice to know the GEM code is still being developed to some degree, anyway. 

Owen Rudge

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